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The white picket fence

I hate it when older people say that the later generations are lazy.


“Kids nowadays don’t wanna work hard. Back in my day i …. etc etc etc…”



Yeah. You’ve probably met somebody who said it. They talk as if the only problem with why the younger generation is having difficulty achieving anything is entirely because of the younger generation being molly coddled and lazy. It only shows how out of touched and how little they know about the current situation of the world. I’m not saying that kids nowadays are saints and brilliant motherfuckers who work hard. Those kind of generalization cant be made between generations. There will always be great people in any generation, you cant really stereotype a kind of person by generation, but i digress.


The rate of depression and anxiety within the later generations are getting alarmingly high. At the Irvington High School in Fremont, California, a once-working-class city that is increasingly in Silicon Valley’s orbit. A doctor named Stuart Slavin anonymously surveyed two thirds of the 2,100 students last spring, using two standard measures, the Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale and the State-Trait Anxiety Inventory. The results were stunning: 54 percent of students showed moderate to severe symptoms of depression. More alarming, 80 percent suffered moderate to severe symptoms of anxiety. In a fucking high school. School work have been turned into a regiment of exercises where the mentality is, the harder you work the better you are.


Id guess that this stems from our increasing fixation on materialism in the social norm. People nowadays worship characters like Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, even Donald Trump, who’s a nutjob imo. Not to mention the fictional characters like Tony Stark, who’s supposed to be a billionaire playboy and has no sense of humility. Im not saying I don’t like them(‘cept Trump), but it think the heroes of today mold the generation of tomorrow. And these kind of heroes inspire people to value themselves and each other purely on monetary values.


Anyways, out of school you’re reading my blog, you’re probably somewhere near my age(26 at the time of writing,2016). How often do you feel that you aren’t achieving enough with life? Your grades? Your salary? Is it good enough? Most of the time its a no. We’ve been somehow trained to have very high expectation of ourselves. Unfortunately, in truth, the current world we live in is getting pretty fucked. Its harder to get qualifications. Its harder to get a job, its harder to afford to buy essentials in life. Its harder to find a purpose to life. Food is getting more expensive, cars are getting more expensive, houses are extremely unaffordable especially in cities. Any city. For KL, house prices are 5.4 times higher than the median income.


I used to always ask friends what they want to do in life. A friend of mine said he only wanted a wife, a couple kids, a house, a car. The white picket fence. I remember being surprised and told him that he should be more ambitious. To aim for more. Build something big, get your name in a textbook, get famous. You’ve got one life to live, make sure its phenomenal, yada yada.


Nowadays, knowing what i know now, I’d say the white picket fence is pretty ambitious.

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