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The illusion of free will

People make decisions based on anything that may affect their decision making, like past experiences, biological makeup, environment. Basically nature and nurture. But i think experience might be the main factor.

And how do they get the past experience? Learning. Probably from a similar decision which was made before, or witnessing someone else make a similar decision. There will always be a reason to a decision, affected by experiences before that. Track back to a point in time where a decision was not made by experience, then it was not exactly free will.

I ‘want’ mustard on my burger. I like mustard because it goes well in burgers. I like burgers. I like them because I like meat. I like meat because my dad always cooks meat ever since i was young. He does it because he likes meat. Why he does is already out of my control since hes liked it even before i was born. Hence, I don’t exactly choose to like mustard.

We are biological machine agents that are trained to make every decision based on efficiency of something, based on something, like how the leaf goes according to the wind, we go according to what we think we ‘want’.

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