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Popular VueJS Component Libraries

Creating my own components used to be pretty fun when i first started doing React and React Native for my projects, but after a while it starts feeling like youre reinventing the wheel. We develop apps to solve a problem, and unless you have to follow a specific design guideline, or you just enjoy doing it for fun, I personally dont see a point in wasting time building and fixing all the minor bugs your components (like that fancy javascript-powered step tracker) have.

So these days I prefer to just tie together premade components from existing maintained libraries. Here are a few of the most popular ones for VueJS according to some research I’ve done:


By far the most popular one in 2017 and has a nice clean styling to boot.

2. iView

Second most popular, relatively mature library

3. Vuetify

Ooh look, Material Design!

4. Vue Material

Another Material Designed one that looks pretty good

5. Mint UI

This is a pretty new one that did relatively very well in 2017. Mobile only though.

The thing is, using this strategy sorta reminds me of how i used bootstrap instead of writing my own CSS back before JS frameworks were much of a thing. If that is true, however convenient using premade components are, it might turn out to be a crutch and you’d be pretty lost the next time you need to write your own components… or by that time maybe there would be a new flavor of the month  JS framework and you’d probably need to learn that one anyways so who cares. #JSfatigue

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