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29.08.2019tech, self improvement, internet

AWS Solutions Architect Exam Notes


So recently I've had a bit of free time on the bench at my new job. There were a few colleagues of mine that was doing very productive learning on the bench like Julia for Data Science, writing their own programming language, learning Kotlin. So i figured Id need to look out to do something interesting to improve on my own skills.

To some more 'startup' mindsets it wouldn't be a great choice to use my time but as I'm going back into more of a consultancy role, I figure it wouldn't be such a bad idea to get an AWS Solutions Architect exam. I've always considered it to be a good way to direct my career to, and I definitely used way too much AWS in my previous job. Best time to take it! (Before i forget)

What I did was to buy a bunch of practice tests on Udemy (I got this one) then do the tests and learn until i get a passing score.

Here are the notes I've accumulated. Hope it helps someone else!

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