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Learning to cook

Lets admit it. I havent been able to cook much other than like instant noodles meggi and bbq stuff the boys usually have. I have always been interested in it though. The whole creativity at your fingertips. Look into your fridge and see whats in it, then creatively come up with something delicious to cook. Like freestyle dancing! So i was actually thinking to learn to cook like simple breakfast stuff that looks good. So can cook for chicks in the morning la kot idk. Ceh ceh.

Ive always loved how simple yet nice brunch stuff looks so more than a year ago, while we were still living in Bukit Utama i started learning the *gasp* eggs benedict. Other than having a fancy-as-shit sounding name, it would actually require me to learn to poach eggs properly, which imo was a cool skill by itself(fried-ish eggs minus oil). In the end didnt get down to learing to make the sauce though. Mayo, lemon juice and zest, salt, other spices.

When i moved out to live in myself i forked out a bunch of cash to get an electric stove so i wouldnt have to worry about getting gas(How the hell does it work!?). After watching a bunch of cooking channels on youtube while drunk, ive decided to dig deep into my roots and picked my primal interest for my next project, the not-so-humble-only-slightly-pretentious-caveman-level-med-rare sirloin steak. God it always looks so good on youtube.


So the challenge this time is actually to get the cooking duration right. Well obviously i do agree that the best steak is cooked sous-vide. But a sous-vide machine costs a bomb, and i have to be careful to not sound too pretentious(and sous-vide sounds too french), so good old frying pan it is. As i was saying, you need the duration right. Cook too long and it’ll be well done, and ain’t gonna eat steak well done like a pleb. Cook too little, people will judge and discriminate you since Malaysians think anything red is blood and is not cooked. It has to be just right, and the calculation needs to factor in the rest of the steak as well. After cooking a steak you should let it rest for at least as long as the cooking process so that the juices get right. At this stage, the leftover heat will continue cooking the steak. Get it right and It’ll look like the top pic.

So well i have been doing a bunch of barbecues with buddies over the years but weve never been really pretentious enought to actually give a shit to have steak. Mostly they were like strips of meat, so you cant really do proper medium rare or whatever. So lets see how i did.

First attempt! Asparagus was brilliant. Cooked it with some garlic butter, and some lea n perrins

Bonus lamb Attempt! Damson!

We all carnivores heart yo. But apart from that i have decided to implement a lot of different veges, like capsicum, asparagus, zuchini, brocoli, all that crap to learn and maybe figure out what i can do with it. BONUS PIC!

Bread, butter, mozzarella, green capsicum, red capsicum, ketchup, cherry tomato. Wew im getting sweaty.

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