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Lari lari stop: A letter to a great man

I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you. You took care of me when I needed someone to. You brought me all over the world which made me into who I am today. I still remember when I was a little boy no older than 5. We’re in London at the zoo. I held your hand and ran with you on the path. “Lari lari stop”. “Lari lari stop”. I said. You followed me to the letter. You brought me up into the man I was today. Even my signature is based on yours. When everything was going on, I even remember when you said I was an ungrateful bastard. It was devastating for me. I took it as a motivation to always make myself a better man. Maybe after this I’ll be worthy to pay back what I owe you.

Today I saw you being lowered into the earth. They covered you with it. I realized that I’ll never be able to pay back what you did for me. I’ll never be good enough. I’m sorry. I hope I’ll be half the man you were. Maybe that’s how life is. Lari lari stop.

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