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Its been a very good year for self development

So im writing this as I wait for the plane to start boarding in KLIA. In the past few months I’ve been very lucky with my software development career. I was insourced to a company that has multiple overseas projects that allows me to travel for work to places like Hong Kong and Ho Chi Minh for months at a time. This gave me the exciting chance to test my skills internationally and not feel like a jaguh kampung. Also as a testing phase on my long term plan to hopefully move out of Malaysia next year. At first i did feel nervous and worried if i can fill in the shoes of the senior developer role in such an international project in a corporate environment, but that fear, along with being in another country out of my comfort zone, motivated me a lot.

Every morning on the way to work i would listen to summaries of self help books as it helps me motivate myself. At night i read up and study the knowledge needed for project planning, project management, development patterns and new technology to be implemented. I thought if i wanted to be a success id have to seem confident, and no way better to seem confident than to know what you’re talking about. My goal wasn’t to do what people tell me to do, but to advice clients on what should be done.

Five months in and I’ve grown so much. I feel much more knowledgeable, and more confident and it really shows, at work as well as my social life. I’ve made a lot of friends and met a lot of friendly people. From partying in Lan Kwai Fong to riding a motorbike around Saigon. There’s a lot more to do but its been a very good year.

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