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10.09.2014self improvement

Balance between pride and humility

We have got such misplaced pride mainly because we do not realise that pride is relative to our environment. If we were better people, we would improve ourselves more before we pride ourselves in something.

When I was taking my diploma, I was in segamat, in uitm. I was pretty good at what i do. I’m not saying that I’m the better person, just better at doing the things we were set out to do. Others have different talents.

So I took it in pride. I thought I was better than the rest. I wasn’t. I was comparing myself to such a small subset. Hero kampung as the Malays call it. A village hero.
The best inside his small town. But when compared to the world, he’s not that much. I thought about this to drive myself to be better.

But people like to think they’re special. They need to believe they are the best at something. It is admirable to have this belief. But its flawed. You believe you are good at something so you stop improving.

Sometimes it is impossible for you to do so. To accept that you’re not as talented as you think you are. I know. But if you think is impossible, how do you expect to push the boundaries of possibility.
If you can do that, then you’re on the road to being a better person.

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